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practical business toolkit for entrepreneurs and enterprises

A simple, fast and practical toolkit designed around the way enterprise works. Running a business is not always easy and ArtOf Enterprise empowers it’s readers through creative thinking, problem solving and personal development, 3D visuals brought together in a innovative and intuitive design, allowing entrepreneurs to explore enterprise and equip themselves for the future.


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innovative business toolkit in the palm of your hand

A compact interactive and fast business toolkit containing intuitive 3D animations that bring learning alive alongside useful how to video tutorials and dynamic case studies. 3D visuals, interactive chapters will help identify a clear vision of how to grow, progress and develop your business.



mobile business toolkit

The Artof Enterprise app is a companion to the books, letting you learn and solve problems as you go. The app will help you utilise the methods already learn’t bringing your learning journey to the palm of your hand.

The Built in tutorials will demonstrate how to capture, communicate and build on your ideas using the in app tools to create enterprise and leadership maps.


“If you have any interest in how business works, want to do better, or need support in tackling challenges in every type of enterprise - this is the book for you.”

David Young

Serial Entrepreneur and CEO



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