Artof offers a fresh take on edtech for visual learners

phil underwood

founder and creative director

Mentor and graphic facilitator you could describe Phil as an organisational artist, a chartered engineer he has 30 years in working in both the private and public sector around change management and equipping leaders. During this time he developed a unique style of action learning, using diagrams and drawings to develop people and organisations. His visual approach brings clarity, logic and insight to complex problems, allowing people to ‘see’ solutions (& their own thinking) and discover new ways forward.

The Artof series offers a intuitive educational toolkit that combines a print book with an iBook and a mobile app, all underpinned by a unique visual learning method. Readers are equipped with both instant visual knowledge and interactive practical tools….

our journey

Artof was founded in 2008 by Phil Underwood, an organisational artist that has developed a unique style of visual learning, using diagrams and drawings to help people and organisations "see" their challenges and opportunities in a fresh and powerful way over the past 30 years.

He is joined by his entrepreneurial son Dan who has a skillset combining experiential learning, visual thinking and applied social science, while his other son Joe, who has over ten years' experience working both in retail and construction.

Since 2011 we have been specialising in creating, innovative business self- help solutions for Individuals, businesses and learners showing them the Artof business and enterprise through innovative visual learning and ed-tech techniques.

After realising there was a gap in the market for a visual learning product that can communicate complex knowledge, simply, quickly and practically, we decided to take our combined knowledge and create a toolkit of products applying visual learning practices with innovative technology.

Six years later we have produced a print book, interactive iBook, mobile phone app and a complete toolkit allowing businesses and learners to apply the Artof techniques for proven success.

dan underwood

editor, marketing and product development

A coach, mentor, communicator and natural analyst with an entrepreneurial mindset Dan has a unique set of skills combining experiential learning, visual thinking and applied social science (a mixture of psychology, sociology and philosophy), which enable him to objectively assess and develop people and their business ideas. His passion is to help businesses discover, empower and be inspired to achieve their full potential.

joe underwood

user interface and designer

A natural networker with a passion for customer service coming from over 10 years working both in a retail and construction industry. He has a passion for graphic design and the keen interest in the learning and development of children, which may have something to do with being a proud father of 2 boys.

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